Join our Salsa classes any week

The Salsa & Bachata Room SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER

Join us at our next party night @ The Deaf Centre Ballroom

Fiesta Latina FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER

Join us at our next party night @ The Jericho Tavern

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Are you interested in Private Lessons for Individuals or Couples at our mirrored studio?

Classes on WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER will take place at The Wesley Church Hall, New Inn Hall St, central Oxford, OX1 2DH.

NEXT PARTY NIGHT IS SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER @ The Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre, St Ebbe's, central Oxford.

Salsa & Bachata Party Nights

Fiesta Latina @ The Jericho Tavern

The Salsa & Bachata Room @ The Deaf Centre Ballroom